If you have questions regarding licensing of my images, please fill in the form below.  In the message block, please list your name, the name of your organization or company, and the type of license you require, ie. publication, web page use,  book cover, etc.   Also please submit your budget requirements, dates and time period to be covered and name of publication, book or web page.   
No images may be used for resale or for reproduction purposes or on products such as Tee Shirts, phone cases or any other printed apparel or products.  Please refer to the copyright and usage restrictions listed at the bottom of this page.
I will respond to your request only if you have provided all the above information.  
Thank you!
Copyright and Usage Rights
All images and content on this website are copyrighted by DL MacMillan, North River Editions and Donna Lee which means that none of the images or content may be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission by the owner.  This includes use on websites not directly owned by the copyright owner (DL MacMillan, North River Editions and Donna Lee), advertising, commercial use such as resale of art, reproduction on products, etc..   There are no exceptions to these usage restrictions.
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